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Check if JetPack Modules Are Active

You may sometimes have codes that depends on whether some JetPack modules is active or not. If so, there is a quick way to check if the modules are active or not. Just use following code: Here are some module names that you might need: carousel comments contact-form custom-css enhanced-distribution gplus-authorship gravatar-hovercards infinite-scroll json-api latex […]

African Cichlids Aquarium Fish

Feeding African Cichlids

Whether you are new to African cichlids or have many years of experience, this article contains what may potentially be the most important information you will ever read about these amazing animals. African Cichlids can be categorized into four groups, each with unique dietary needs: Carnivorous: These fish prey on other fish, especially the fry […]


Add bbpress dropdown forum list

Hi everyone, I searched on how to add a dropdown list of bbpress forums and could not find any resource. Most of them were outdated, while some of them didn’t work. So I look around into the bbpress plugin core and found the solution. I am posting the solution if anyone else will require it. […]

Updates WordPress

Customizer Panels and New Field Types in WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 introduced new and required features for the Theme Customizer, including panels and input field types. This post on the Core Make blog explains the updates well.